Automatic Feeders for Dogs

Busy people know that it is hard to keep your pets fed and watered consistently. There are several products available that allow busy and forgetful pet owners to invest in their pet’s health and keep them fed and watered on a regular basis. Two of these products include the Automatic Pet Feeder and Pet Drinking Fountain.

An automatic feeder is a great gadget for keeping your pet’s stomach full. Different models of these feeders feature varieties of sizes and programming capabilities. Some automatic feeders hold up to ten pounds of dry dog or cat food. The size of pet feeder your pet requires depends on the size of your dog or cat and how often they need to be fed. It can also depend on the owner and how often they will want to remember to fill it.


Most of these programmable feeders can be programmed to dispense food in different amounts, at different times, and at varying frequencies. Some will dispense in quarter cup sizes and can do this as often as three to four times a day or as little as once a day. If you have a pet that is on a strict diet an automatic feeder is a great option for keeping their portions controlled and limited.

If you are looking for a more high-tech feeder there are several models that feature an electronic LCD display on the food tray. They can be programmed easily with the touch of a button and show you exactly what is going to be dispensed on an easy to read the screen.

A veterinarian along with an animal behaviorist designed this other gadget that will help keep your pets happy and healthy, the Pet Drinking Fountain. The drinking fountain was originally designed to be used by cats but it could just as easily be used by small to medium sized dogs. Part of a pet’s health is proper hydration and this pet fountain will assist you in keeping them hydrated even if there’s a day you forget to fill the water bowl or change the water regularly automatic feeders for dogs. The handy device is also a good choice for those that have finicky cats or dogs that do not like things floating in their water.

The Pet Drinking Fountain not only keeps water clean but also does not need to be refilled as often as a small water dish. Many feature a one-gallon reservoir that is sufficient for most small animal’s daily diets. They also usually come equipped with two filters that keep your pet’s water clean and fresh. Initially, filtering happens in the pre-filter which removes large particles such as food or hair that can fall in the water. The second filter is a three-layer charcoal filter which removes smaller particles such as dirt and dust. If your cat or dog is a “scaredy cat”, they will like the quiet pump that will not scare them off or keep them from their water dish. Another great feature is the adjustable flow which helps to keep your floor clear of splashes. The flow adjuster also allows you to set the fountain to only dispense as much water as your pet needs.